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Streamline your hiring process

AI-powered candidate ranking

Intelligent Candidate Ranking

Our advanced AI algorithms analyze candidate CVs and job requirements to assign each candidate a rank. Know at a glance how closely their skills and experience match your job criteria.

Transparent Ranking Explanations

Understand the reasoning behind each candidate’s rank. ScreenCV provides detailed explanations, highlighting specific skills and experience that contribute to their ranking.

Save Time and Streamline Hiring

Cut down on manual CV screening and reviewing. ScreenCV automates the initial screening process, allowing you to focus on qualified candidates and save valuable time.

Why ScreenCV

Reduce manual effort and human bias in candidate screening. 

Data-Informed Hiring Decisions

Human reviewers, even with the best intentions, may unintentionally allow biases to affect their decisions. ScreenCV applies the same rules and criteria to every candidate, regardless of the recruiter’s personal feelings, preferences, or prejudices. This leads to a more transparent process where candidates are evaluated solely on their qualifications and experience.

By reducing biases, we also promote diversity and eliminate discrimination. 

Handle High Applicant Volumes

ScreenCV processes large volumes of applications in a fraction of the time it would take a human recruiter. This ability to quickly screen and rank candidates allows businesses to respond faster and ensures that good candidates don’t slip through the cracks or lose interest.

ScreenCV automates repetitive and routine screening tasks, freeing up human recruiters to focus on more complex and meaningful parts of the recruitment process, such as interviewing and relationship-building.

Upload Job Description and Candidate CVs

Simply provide the job description and the CVs of potential candidates through our user-friendly interface.

Get a Ranked Candidate List

Our powerful AI algorithms analyze the CVs against job requirements, assigning a rank to each candidate based on their relevance to the role.

Ranking Explanations and Insights

Gain valuable insights into each candidate’s ranking. Understand the key factors contributing to their score through detailed explanations.


AI-powered candidate ranking

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